5 Book Bloggers Share Their 10 Favorite Books

One of the best things about the internet is that you get to find and connect with people who share similar passions.

When I first started blogging about books, I thought almost no one else was doing the same, but I soon found several awesome book bloggers that all had the same mission–to encourage people to read books and never stop learning.

So I thought, why not have book bloggers come together and share their favorite books so that readers can get a wide range of recommendations from trusted bloggers whom collectively, have reads hundreds or perhaps even thousands of books.

Now without further ado, here are 5 book bloggers and their 10 favorite books (no specific order):

1) BookMattic


Matt Hutson helps people find meaning through reading nonfiction books. He started doing Personal Development English Lessons with several clients throughout Indonesia and plans on taking on more clients around the world. He believes that the more people develop themselves the better our world will become.

10 Favorite Books:

2) Books of Titans


Erik Rostad started the Books of Titans reading project because he needed help finding the best books. He found out what some of the world's top performers were reading and then started reading those 52 of those books each year. He now helps others find great books and create their own reading plans so they can experience the joy of reading.

10 Favorite Books:

3) Get Better With Books


Get Better With Books is an online resource dedicated to personal development book readers. Jim (founder) is 31, works in software sales and lives outside Boston with his wife and baby daughter.

10 Favorite Books:

4) Timos Notes


My name is Timo, I'm 20 years old and from Germany. I'm currently studying E-Commerce. Ever since I was a little child I loved books. About three years ago I fell in love with personal development and other non-fiction books. One of my favorite genres is biographies.

10 Favorite Books:

5) Alex & Books


I started Alex and Books because I discovered the incredible value of books, but saw that almost no one I knew read them or took advantage of the treasure trove of important information inside them. So I set out on a mission to read the best books, find key lessons from each one and share them with as much people as possible. On my site, you can find book summaries, lessons, reviews and more great content.

10 Favorite Books:

Thank you everyone for reading this article. I hope it inspires you to find a fantastic book and to keep learning. Just as the books above have changed the lives of myself and fellow book bloggers, perhaps it will do the same for you.

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After reading 100+ books, here are my favorite books by genre: