Alex and Books Shop Is Now Open

Hey Everyone!

As I've mentioned in past articles, running a website can be costly and if you add in the price of books it adds up–total cost for last year was about $500. However, I want to continue to create educational content that is free to readers and doesn't have ads, because lets be honest no one likes ads and free is always great.  

So this creates a dilemma, how can one break even if they give their content away for free and don't use ads to generate income? 

Answer: Donations, Merch & Books.

I've already created a donate tab, and received a few donations (thank you for that, you guys are awesome). If you've read an interesting article or found a great book on this site and want to give something back–every dollar counts–you can do so by clicking on the button below.  


Another great way to support is by visiting the Alex & Books shop.

You can purchase bookmarks at the shop–they are made from 100% recycled paper and have an inspiring quote on the front. So far I only have bookmarks but I thinking about putting up more book-related gear (if you have an suggestions, leave a comment below!). 

The back on the bookmark is blank so you can use it to jolt down notes or write down important information. It's also very reasonably priced and I'm giving free shipping for people in the U.S.!

Get these cool bookmarks by visiting the  A&B shop !

Get these cool bookmarks by visiting the A&B shop!


Lastly, you can support this site by buying books! 

Yes, it's true. The links on this website are Amazon affiliate links; that means Amazon pays me a portion of each purchase made when someone uses my links to get to their site. Best part is that it won't affect the price of your purchase!

Here's an example.

Lets say you were going to buy two books for $15. If you don't use my link, Amazon gets the full $15. However, if you click on one of my links, Amazon gets $14 and they give me $1. It isn't much, but if everyone used my links, it would add up!

If you're looking for a new book to read, check out my list of great books below!


Please consider supporting this site and sharing this article. Thank you everyone! 

Best regards,

Alex Wiec